All Power To The People 

 Thrift Element is back ! Be the first to order one of our newest tees. Supporting ALL lives , this Fall/Winter we are promoting ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! We will be channeling the year of 1966 when the Black Panther Party was created   In Oakland, CA. 
Pre-order yours at or check us out @tethrift on Instagram 


Dollar Decor

Who says you have to spend hundreds to redecorate ?

Cute jewelry stand only $3.99 from Ross!

‘Blessed’ picture only $3 from Family Dollar!image

Nothing you see costs over $10 thanks to Ross, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree!!  image

i wanted to brighten my room up a bit and bring out this cute rustic dresser that I found ($60 at New Life Thrift). I added some sheer white curtains that I found at Ross for 9.99 and just like that, my room instantly has life !image

i sparked up my window seal with these great LED candles and an imitation vine !

LED CANDLES: 3.99 batteries included!

and below I added these cute Peel and Stick quotes for $1 each !image